Commercials during NFL games are on the rise and now Roger Goodell wants to change how they are shown

On Wednesday, Roger Goodell wrote an open letter to NFL fans saying the league was taking steps to improve the pace and flow of games. On Thursday he went into even more detail, with one of those changes being how commercials are incorporated into the television broadcasts.

While Goodell doesn’t want to reduce the number of commercials, he says the number of actual commercial breaks has become overbearing and will be reduced while the number of commercials in each break will be increased.

The reason the number of breaks has become a problem appears to be because the number of commercials the networks are trying to shove into the three-hour broadcast has steadily risen in recent years. After sitting steady at about 64 commercials during an average game, that number has steadily risen to more than 69 per game in just the last six years.

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