Will The NFL's Biggest Free Agent Land In The Big Apple?

Nnamdi Asomugha

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The wildest free agency period in the history of sports is now in full stride. (LIVE COVERAGE HERE)The biggest name available is one most people have trouble spelling, Nnamdi Asomugha. And now there are signs that the best cornerback in the NFL might join the other best cornerback in the game with the New York Jets.There was a lot of speculation early on that Nnamdi would end up with a team like the Tampa Bay Bucs, because of all their cap room. The Bucs need to spend nearly $50 million just to reach the NFL’s new salary floor. But GM Mark Dominik strongly suggested that the Bucs are not interested in spending that much money on one player.

That appears to leave the San Francisco 49ers, the Houston Texans, and the Jets as Nnamdi’s leading suitors. And if the offers are similar, it is hard to believe Nnamdi would turn down the Jets for one of the two teams that are clearly second-class citizens in the NFL right now.

But can the Jets find enough money to make their offer competitive?

The key may have been Santonio Holmes. When Holmes re-signed with the Jets yesterday, his five-year deal was structured so that it will only count $2.45 million against this year’s cap. And while the Jets started the off-season over the cap by $1.2 million, they are now more than $10 million under the cap.

And that may be all it takes for GM Mike Tannenbaum to figure out a way to get Nnamdi into green and white, helping to form what may be the greatest cornerback duo in NFL history.

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