NFL Franchise Values Are Surging

In the latest valuations released by, the 32 NFL franchises are now worth a combined $US45.7 billion with an average value of $US1.43 billion, a 22.5% increase over last year. That is the second-largest one-year jump in the last 15 years.

In all, 25 of the 32 teams are now worth at least $US1.o billion, led by the Dallas Cowboys at $US3.2 billion. The Cowboys’ 1-year increase of 39% was third behind the New England Patriots (44%) and the Washington Redskins (41%).

According to the Forbes report, the biggest factor in the surge of values is the record revenue being generated by the teams through shared national television contracts as well the “piles of cash” being generated by teams with newer, modern stadiums.

Here is how franchise values have changed over the last 15 years compared to Major League Baseball. MLB values rose just 9.1% in the last year. However, their 55.1% increase since 2011 is still well ahead of NFL teams which have risen in value 37.8% over that stretch.

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