NFL Fans In New York Get 'NFL Sunday Ticket' Online

The NFL season starts tonight and we have an important reminder: It’s not going to be completely terrible for New Yorkers this year.

That’s because DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is now available online to NFL fans living in Manhattan who can’t get DirecTV via satellite. It costs $350.


See, in years past my excitement for the new season has always been tempered by the reality that if I was going to watch my hometown Tampa Bay Buccaneers and continue living in Manhattan, I was about to have to spend the next 17 to 20 Sundays in dank, spilled beer stained sports bars, surrounded by buffoons cheering for their back-up fantasy tight ends.

That’s because until this year the only way to watch an out of market NFL game was to subscribe to both DirecTV and DirectTV Sunday Ticket package.

For Americans living in houses, this isn’t an issue. The problem is that in Manhattan, most apartment buildings don’t allow tenants to stick satellite receivers out their windows or on the building’s roof. So if I wanted to watch former Bucs coach Jon Gruden’s famous funny faces each week, it was back to unfriendly bartenders and greasy wings for me.

Not this year!

A note: Some might object that there’s anything wrong with greasy wings and pitchers of beer every once in a while. But trust me, spend five or so years of dropping $30 a week on nasty fried food in crowded bars for four months and you’d get sick of it too.

One more note: I’m so happy about this news that I’m not going to mention the fact that it’s completely ridiculous that only people living in Manhattan get access to the service, especially since Major League Baseball’s Web HDTV service, MLB.TV, is so incredible. I also won’t mention how sad it is that the NFL tries to pass off the fact that fans can watch blacked-out games free in local markets on a “delayed basis” as something near good news. Show the games live, NFL! Or don’t, and people will just keep watching them on OK, maybe I will mention those things.

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