Roger Goodell Says NFL Is Seriously Considering Expanding Playoffs To 14 Teams

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke with former Associated Press White House correspondent Ben Feller at a public forum in Manhattan last night about restructuring the playoffs.

Goodell said that the NFL is seriously considering expanding the playoffs to 14 teams. Goodell said:

“We think it’s one of the great things about the NFL, besides the fact that it’s unscripted. Every team and their fans start the season with hope. You mentioned the fact that for 11 straight years we’ve had a team go from last to first, that’s unique to professional football and the NFL, that doesn’t happen in other sports. And that’s because we have such a competitive league and we want to keep that.”

However, Goodell says he does not see the NFL restructuring seeding anytime soon. Since the team that wins its division gets to have a playoff game at home, we saw San Francisco (13-4) have to travel to Green Bay (8-8-1) last weekend to play in the wildcard game. Goodell says this is still fair:

“There may be momentum in the media, that happens when you see San Francisco going to Green Bay, but one of the premises we start with every season is that your first objective is to win the division. And when you win the division, you should have a home game.”

So there you have it. If NFL teams want a home playoff game, they better win the division, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

You can watch the entire conversation over at >

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