An NFL executive is reportedly worried Cam Newton will only play 5 more years because of hits to the head

Carolina Panthers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton suffered a concussion against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 4, and has taken a number of massive blows to his head over the course of the first month of the football season.

According to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, some NFL executives are now starting worry that these repeated hits to his head could cut Newton’s career short. One went as far as to say that he thinks Newton could be retired in the next five seasons.

From Freeman:

“The hit Newton took to the head against Atlanta was scary, and considering all of the other hits he’s endured this year alone, the concern among some team officials (not on the Panthers) is that those head shots are shortening his career.

One AFC front-office executive said he’d be stunned if Newton lasted longer than five more years in the NFL. He compared Newton to Steve Young, who suffered numerous head injuries throughout his career.

The comparison to Young, and the concern over Newton’s long-term career or, hell, his quality of life, isn’t isolated to a select few. There are people across the game who are watching closely, and with great worry.”

Considering that Newton is only 27 years old, this is terrifying news. And yet, when you watch some of the hits Newton has taken this year alone, it’s hard not to worry about his health down the road.

Here’s the hit against the Falcons, which sent him to the locker room: 

And here were all the hits Newton took against the Broncos in Week 1:

Based on what we know about concussions and head trauma, it’s the repeated blows to the head over a lengthy stretch that are the most damaging — especially later in life. 

The Panthers, who are 1-3, play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week on “Monday Night Football.” As of Thursday, it’s unclear whether Newton will suit up.


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