A Complete List Of NFL Teams That Reportedly Want To Trade Their First-Round Draft Picks

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There’s always a massive pile of NFL Draft Day trade rumours. But this year there’s an almost silly number of teams reportedly looking to “trade down.”

The consensus on this draft is that it’s weak at the top but strong in the middle rounds. As a result, a lot of teams are looking to flip a high pick for a few mid-rounders, at least according to reports.

In the last few days, 11 of the 32 NFL teams have been rumoured to be trading down. They are:

  • Oakland Raiders (3rd pick), according to NFL Network
  • Philadelphia Eagles (4th pick), according to ESPN
  • Detroit Lions (5th pick), according to ESPN
  • Cleveland Browns (6th pick), according to ESPN
  • Buffalo Bills (8th pick), according to ESPN
  • New York Jets (9th or 13th pick), according to ESPN
  • Miami Dolphins (12th pick), according to ESPN
  • New Orleans Saints (15th pick), according to NFL Network
  • St. Louis Rams (16th and 22nd picks), according to ESPN
  • Dallas Cowboys (18th pick), according to ESPN
  • Minnesota Vikings (23rd and 25th picks), according to NFL Network

That’s a massive chunk of the first round.

Obviously most of these teams won’t end up moving. But the sheer volume of trade-down rumours suggests that there will be a some substantial wheeling and dealing tonight.

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