NFL, DirectTV, and Sling Media Will Stream Games

More details on Sling’s deal with NFL and DirectTV. First, a Sling source chides us for using the term “deal” — “It is a collaborative relationship. Nothing signed,” we’re told. Noted. So here, via an updated Om Malik post, is what the non-deal is: Sling is going to do the back end work that will let DirectTV “Sunday Ticket” subs stream the games on their PCs. This is nice for Sling, which gets to get its foot in the door with the NFL, and of some use to NFL junkies who are on the road when their games are on.

As we had surmised, the non-deal doesn’t allow Sling users to “clip and sling” clips of the games, as the National Hockey League has agreed to do.  NFL rights are exceptionally valuable, while the NHL is begging people to watch its games.