NFL Commissioner Suggests Kickoffs Could Be Replaced By Punts In Near Future

Roger Goodell

[credit provider=”ESPN”]

As the NFL continues its war on head injuries, Roger Goodell dropped a bombshell in the latest issue of Time (via to Sean Gregory of Time, one option the NFL is considering is eliminating kickoffs, replacing them with punts.

After a team scores, they get the ball at their own 30-yard line facing an automatic fourth-and-15. Teams would most likely punt the ball however, in lieu of an onsides kick, the team could also fake the punt, or run a normal offensive play to try for a first down.

According to Goodell, the idea was first proposed by Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano. And as Mike Florio of points out, the league must be taking the idea seriously if Goodell is willing to mention it to Time.

Back in September, we looked at how kickoffs have become almost meaningless as the NFL tries to eliminate one of the most violent aspects of the game. And if the league feels recent rule changes haven’t gone far enough, this would be the next logical, albeit radical, step.