NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Explains The Saints' Severe Punishments

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell went on ESPN this afternoon to explain the harsh penalties he handed out over Bounty-gate, including the one-year suspension given to head coach Sean Payton.

You can see the entire interview below, but here are the key points…

On why the punishments were so severe

It went on for three years, with denials from club officials…Once we found out it was actually happening, we had to deal with it seriously. It is an important policy that we are going to uphold…It is a very, very significant violation of our policies.

On Payton denying knowledge of the bounties

I hold head coaches accountable…To deny it’s existence, to league investigators and to his own ownership, is a significant problem. Even if you aren’t aware of something, you should be aware of something like this in your organisation.

On Payton losing $7.5 million in salary

Well, I think of all the people that could have been injured, and could have had their careers taken away.

Here’s the interview (via ESPN)…


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