SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: NFL Quarterbacks Are Getting Younger

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Recently saw that NFL quarterbacks are getting bigger. Players like Josh Freeman (6-6, 248 lbs) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cam Newton (6-5, 244) of the Carolina Panthers represent a new breed of NFL quarterbacks. But they also represent another trend: getting younger.

Newton is the favourite to be named starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers at age 22, and Freeman is only 23 and already has one of the best seasons ever for a young QB in the NFL. And just last year, Colt McCoy (23), Sam Bradford (23), and Mark Sanchez (24) all started at least half of their team’s games and were under the age of 25.

And what we are seeing is that the average age of starting NFL quarterbacks (minimum 8 starts) has declined rapidly since the post-merger high of 30.6 in 1996. But the average age is still higher than the mid-80s when the average age dipped below 28 years.

But like the mid-80s, we have seen an influx of great young quarterbacks which suggests that teams are getting better at scouting college QBs or schools are getting better at preparing quarterbacks for the NFL.

Average Age NFL Quarterbacks

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