SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: The Giants Are Undefeated In Conference Championship Games

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The New York Giants will be playing in their fifth NFL Championship game this weekend. And if the previous four are any indication, they will defeat the San Francisco 49ers. In four previous appearances, the Giants are undefeated in the game leading up to the Super Bowl.

On the other hand, the 49ers experience in the title game is unmatched by most teams. This will be San Francisco’s 13th appearance in the conference championship, having won five of the first 12. Only the Dallas Cowboys (14) and Pittsburgh Steelers (15) have more appearances.

As for this weekend’s other matchup, the New England Patriots are making their 8th appearance, and the Baltimore Ravens are in just their third championship game.

Here are the teams with the most championship game appearances…

CHampionship Games

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