NFL Business As Usual, 49ers Shopped Taylor Mays

Taylor Mays

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This past week the San Francisco 49ers apparently sent a mass email to the other 31 NFL teams. The email inquired about what the Niners could expect to receive for safety Taylor Mays. Even in the NFL, this type of blatant shopping of a player isn’t commonplace.What if all companies tried to move their human capital in this manner?

Imagine getting to work in the morning only to read that an email has been sent out to your entire company asking if your coworkers know any one that can take you off the company’s hands. That is essentially what the 49ers did to Taylor Mays. It can’t be a great feeling.

This might not exactly be a new feeling for Mays. In 2010, Mays was a spurned during the April draft when former USC head coach Pete Carroll passed on selecting Mays when the opportunity presented itself. Mays did not appreciate being overlooked.

If a Fortune 500 corporation did something similar to this – they would be destroyed. This would not be an acceptable way to deal with a human resources issue. Boy, it sure would make the work week that much more interesting if stuff like this did fly in corporate America.

Add this to the list of reasons why NFL players make the kind of money they do. Mays signed a four year, $3.9 million contract in July 2010. He received more than $2 million’s in signing bonuses and will get over $400,000 per year in 2011 and 2012.

That should help stomach those feelings of betrayal.