Here’s What All Five NFC Teams Have To Do To Make The Playoffs Today

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[credit provider=”Ronald Martinez/Getty Images”]

Five NFC teams can still make the playoffs today, and there are two spots available.Below you can find the scenarios for each team.

Basically, whoever wins Redskins-Cowboys tonight will win the NFC East and get one playoff spot. For the last wild-card spot, the Vikings have the simplest path, they just need to win. If they lose, the Bears gets in with a win.

And if those both of them lose, it gets super confusing.

Here’s what each team needs.

  • Redskins — Beat the Cowboys. Or, lose the Cowboys, and the Bears and Vikings both lose
  • Cowboys — Beat the Redskins.
  • Vikings — Beat the Packers. Or, lose the Packers, and the Bears, Giants, and Cowboys all lose
  • Bears — Beat the Lions, and the Packers beat the Vikings
  • Giants — Beat the Eagles, the Bears, Vikings, and Cowboys all lose