LEAKED PHOTO: Is This Google’s Next Nexus Phone?

nexus 3

[credit provider=”Tech Hog” url=”http://www.techhog.com/editorial/exclusive-test-model-for-the-nexus-3-by-htc/”]

A leaked photo of what is supposedly a test model of Google’s next Nexus phone started circulating today after the blog Tech Hog claims to have snagged it from an inside source.The photo has since been removed from Tech Hog, but we managed to snag a copy here.

The phone has no room for the four home keys found on other phones, which leads us to believe the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, will have on-screen controls.

It’s highly unlikely this is the final model of the Nexus 3, but Tech Hog said in its original post it was being developed by HTC. (HTC developed the original Nexus One phone.)

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