CEO Of $US600 Million Nextdoor Takes A Plea Deal In Hit-And-Run Charge And Gets A 30-Day Sentence

Nirav tolia nextdoorTwitter/Nirav ToliaNextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia

Last summer, Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia allegedly caused an accident on a San Francisco highway and drove away without calling 911. Now, Tolia has pleaded no contest to a misdemeanour hit-and-run charge and been sentenced to 30 days in county jail, Forbes’ Ellen Huet reports.

The victim alleged that Tolia swerved his car into her lane, causing her to veer off into a median and break both wrists. Tolia told authorities he didn’t realise it was his obligation to remain at the crime scene, and they seemed to buy it.

“He didn’t know he had a duty to call in, as opposed to someone who said, ‘I knew I screwed up and was trying to get away,” San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told Forbes.

Rather than serve jail time, Tolia is expected to complete community service on weekends. Wagstaffe said the service would include “8 to 1o-hour days doing paper pickups” and “washing school graffiti.”

Tolia runs Nextdoor, a local social network that has raised more than $US100 million. The company says its will remain behind Tolia as he works to complete the community service.

“I am relieved that after further examination of the facts, the DA reduced the charge to a misdemeanour and that Thursday’s hearing brought the matter to a close,” Tolia said in a written statement to Business Insider.

Tolia’s lawyer, Dan Barton, says Tolia was asked to pay a $US239 fine. He’ll have to pay the victim more money; that amount will be determined on Aug. 1.

“Nirav pleaded no contest to the charge and was directed to pay a $US239 fine and serve 30 days on the weekend work program,” Barton said in an emailed statement. “A restitution hearing to assess the amount owed to the other party will be heard later this summer (August 1st) – although Nirav will not be required to appear.”

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