Next on American Airlines (AMR) Chopping Block: Frequent Flier Miles

Now that all airlines have set a new standard for cost cuts and low service (including charging for blankets and pillows), frequent flier programs can be scaled back with fewer worries about keeping up with the competition. So Delta (DAL), American Airlines (AMR), et al, are getting out the hatchet (NYT):

American’s steps, which take effect Oct. 1, came a week after Delta revised its frequent-flier program, including the addition of a three-tier system for travel using awards.

Beginning Oct. 1, a one-way upgrade from a discounted coach seat on American will cost $50, plus 15,000 miles.

Previously, American required 15,000 miles each way, but did not charge a fee. A round-trip upgrade will now require a $100 fee, plus 30,000 miles.

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