Next iPhone Update Is Supposed To Be An 'A+'

steve jobs apple iPhone

Steve Jobs might not like Google wading into his phone business, but consumers should love it. It’s going to make Apple and Google try harder to beat each other by offering better products.

Apple is said to be releasing an “A+” update for the next version of the iPhone, according to Arnold Kim at MacRumors.

He received some more tips on what Steve Jobs spoke about during his town hall meeting with employees. Here’s a few key points:

  • Apple will release updates to the iPhone so Android can’t keep up.
  • The next iPhone is “an A+ update.”
  • New Macs are coming in 2010, and will take Apple to the next level
  • Blu Ray is a mess and Apple doesn’t want to use it until sales take off.

Read the whole thing at MacRumors →

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