rumour: A Thinner, Lighter Version Of The Big iPad Could Be Coming As Soon As March

ipad mini

[credit provider=”Steve Kovach, Business Insider”]

Apple could update the big iPad as soon as March, according to Japanese site Macotakara.Macotakara is citing an “inside source.” As with any Apple rumour site Macotakara has a mixed record, so we wouldn’t etch this report in stone. It’s something interesting to keep in mind, especially if other reports start leaking out to confirm it.

Anyway, Macotakara says the fifth generation iPad will be a lot like the iPad Mini. It will be thinner and lighter.

We’ve been expecting the bigger iPad to be made thinner and lighter like the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 design. What we’re unclear about is how soon Apple would update the iPad.

Apple just released the fourth-generation iPad in October. This was unexpected because it released the third generation iPad in March. But, Apple hasn’t changed the physical design of the iPad in two years. And Macotakara indicates that the internals of the fifth-generation iPad will be the same as the fourth-generation iPad.

It’s possible Apple is putting the pedal to the metal and is going to blast out new iPad updates every six months to make sure Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and Amazon can’t catch up in the tablet market.

CEO Tim Cook’s specialty is managing the supply chain. Whereas Steve Jobs differentiated Apple through its visionary products, the new Apple under Cook could be differentiating itself by premium products that are continuously refreshed.

We’re not sure if this would hurt or help sales. Some people will grumble that they just bought an iPad and Apple is already making a new one. But, overall, it’s probably better to just constantly update the products so people don’t feel like they should wait a long time to get a new iPad.

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