One Tale Of Heroism From Inside Sandy Hook Elementary School

sandy hook elementary shooting

[credit provider=”AP Photo/Jessica Hill”]

Hours after unspeakable tragedy struck the Connecticut town of Newtown, we’re beginning to hear some incredible tales of heroism from the people who were inside.Diane Day, a therapist at Sandy Hook Elementary School, told a remarkable story to The Wall Street Journal’s Lisa Fleischer.

Day was with the principal and some other staff members when the gunshots rang out. She hid under the table, while the principal and school psychologist bolted out of the room to see what was going on.

And then, a teacher did something heroic. From the WSJ:

Without a lock on the door, the school’s lead teacher pressed her body against the door to hold it shut, Ms. Day said. That teacher was shot through the door in the leg and arm.

“She was our hero,” Ms. Day said.

The principal and psychologist were both killed.