Newtown Foundation Doesn't Know What To Do With The Millions Of Dollars Raised After The Shooting


In the months since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, charities have raised $11.4 million to support Newtown in the aftermath of the tragedy.

That money has yet to be allocated.

The Newtown Bee reports that the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation plans to divide $7.7 million in the fund to the families of the children killed, the surviving children, and two staff members who were wounded in the shooting.

The rest of the money that won’t go directly to the victims will be saved for “long-term community needs.” 

But a member of the foundation’s board declined to say when the money might be distributed, the The News-Times of Danbury, Conn. reported. Families of the victims got the state attorney general involved, who suggested that foundation officials meet with family members to explain its decisions about where the money might go.

Victim’s advocate Michelle Cruz told the newspaper that “the fact that these families have to go to meeting after meeting to fight for this money is ludicrous.”

In Boston, the process of getting donations to victims is apparently running more smoothly — The News-Times notes that the One Fund Boston hopes to get money to victims by Monday.

Complicating the Newtown process is the “hodgepodge” of charity funds that cropped up after the shooting, according to The Bee. Some of the money from other funds has been distributed to families.

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