Super PACs Are Going To Make This Election A Huge 'Mess,' Newt Gingrich Says

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 On Morning Joe today, ex-Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich railed against the Super PACs.

“It’s ironic that McCain-Feingold and the so-called reforms that preceded it have all crippled middle class candidates, have all empowered the very rich, have all made the system worse, have all given lawyers and accountants huge amounts of jobs,” Gingrich said.

He later added: “You watch this fall. Between the Obama Super PACs, the Romney Super PACs, the conservative Super PACs, the liberal Super PACs, it’s going to be a mess. And people are going to be sick of it, and it’s really unfortunate. It’s not the way a great nation should govern itself.”

Then Willie Geist started asking him about more important things, like his favourite cat.

You might remember that Romney Super PACs crushed Gingrich in Florida, halting Gingrich’s momentum and handing Florida to Romney. At the same time, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his unlimited donations kept Gingrich in the race for a while.

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