NEWT: Romney Will Never Get By Obama And Axelrod Without Explaining Bain Capital

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During an hour-long interview with Piers Morgan last night Newt Gingrich defended his recent slew of brutal attacks on Mitt Romney as the only option he was left with.

“I concede that every effort I made to stay positive and every effort I made to talk Romney out of doing this failed. That you can’t — you know you can’t unilaterally disarm unless you want to get out of the race. And since this is the objective reality. We have no choice.

And so we have to match — in some way, we have to have effective advertising that matches their advertising or literally no matter how good your ideas are, no matter how big your crowds are the weight of television and radio and direct mailing. In Iowa it was, you know, 45 per cent of all the ads were attacks.”

He also framed his relentless focus on Romney’s history with Bain Capital, something even Jon Huntsman has asked him to dial back on, as his doing Romney some sort of campaign preparatory favour.

And I’ve said up front, I think he’s going to sooner or later have to do a press conference and walk people through three or four of the most troubling cases. And anybody who thinks he’s going to — he’s not — he’s going to get by Obama and Axelrod this fall without explaining this is kidding themselves.