Watch Michele Bachmann Hand Mitt Romney The GOP Nomination

For all his prodigious debate skills Newt Gingrich did not have a good night last night.

That Mitt Romney did is in large part thanks to Michele Bachmann who effectively hammered away at Gingrich’s history with Fannie and Freddie and in doing so managed to shake Newt up enough that he looked weak.  Too weak.

It didn’t help matters that Newt’s tone every time he was called on to respond to Bachmann was so noticeably condescending it brought to mind the infamous 2008 exchange at the New Hampshire debate when Obama reassured Hillary she was “likable enough.”  Obama lost the primary there three days later.

Bachmann, who started this campaign season as a much-ridiculed outsider with a shaky grasp of historical facts, has been increasingly strong in recent debates.  Not strong enough to be electable, but as the below clip makes clear, strong enough to do real damage to Newt Gingirch’s chance at a nomination.


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