Newt Gingrich Has Created A Hilarious Facebook Timeline Attacking Mitt Romney

Romney Record FB

Mitt Romney may be collecting most of the delegates after Super Tuesday, but he is also taking most of the fire from his opponents.

And Newt Gingrich’s crack-team of social media experts is using Facebook to go after the frontrunner. 

Gingrich’s team used Facebook’s new “Timeline” feature to collect together all of Mitt’s worst flip-flops, gaffes, and embarrassing media appearances in a humiliating chronology. They put it under the profile “Romney Record.” 

Here's the top of the page which announces the two themes in the timeline: Romney wasn't a conservative and he's very wealthy.

Click Back to 1984, and you get this dazzling picture. That is something that a young guy might put on his profile today.

We'd guess that Romney wouldn't put his $10,000 bet highlight video on his own Facebook timeline.

The section on Romney's 1994 Senate run is really bad for Romney. He dislikes Reagan and says he is more pro-choice than Ted Kennedy. This is really the most damaging material.

Romney's Record is on Facebook, but his wife is on Pinterest

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