Newt Gingrich Owed Up To $500,000 To Tiffany’s After Wife’s Spending Spree

Newt Gingrich and Wife

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Today is a pretty horrible day for the Newt Gingrich Presidential campaign.First of all, he’s been getting roundly slammed for criticising the Paul Ryan healthcare plan, calling it “too big a jump.”

Majority leader Eric Cantor called Gingrich’s comments a “tremendous misspeak”. Others are wondering whether this alone will doom his candidacy.

And now a more awkward personal revelation.

POLITICO reveals that the former House Speaker listed a revolving debt of between $250,001 — $500,000 to the jewelry store Tiffany’s. Specifically, the debts pertained to a revolving charge account carried by his wife Calista.

The campaign would not comment on whether the debt had been paid off.

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