GETTING DESPERATE: Newt Gingrich's Campaign Is Charging Supporters For Photos With Him

newt gingrich cpacSerious photo with Newt? That’ll cost you $50.


You want a photo with Newt Gingrich, right? You, there, posing with the guy who’s going to build moon colonies before he builds the moon colonies. Oh, you don’t? Well. In case you change your mind, Gingrich’s campaign has begun asking supporters for donations for photos with the former House Speaker and current Republican presidential candidate, according to The National Journal.

Gingrich’s Monday night event in Hockessin, Del., was the first time the campaign has asked for the direct donation.

Previously, it worked like this: You snapped a photo with Gingrich, a memory that will last a lifetime. When you leave, a Gingrich campaign member informed you that you could find your picture online – for the small nominal fee, of course. Now, the campaign is asking for the donations at its campaign events.

If you buy one, make sure to compare it to the mantle’s family photos of the Tower of Terror, or that moment on the water park ride when you’re about to drop and they snap the photo and then scream! Your face will probably have a similar look the moment you’re about to snap a photo with Gingrich.

Gingrich campaigned in Delaware ahead of the slate of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic primaries on April 24, which also includes New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

The donation requests could be a clever ploy to get supporters enthused, but it’s also a sign that Gingrich and his campaign are limping toward the finish line, one he has said he intends to cross at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

More likely, it’s a ploy to raise funds. The Gingrich campaign said recently that it took in about $200,000 less than it spent in February. His total funds raised also plummeted from $5.6 million in January to $2.6 million in February.

In Hockessin’s fire hall, Gingrich pledged that a win in Delaware would “reset this campaign.” Of course, he has said that numerous times as his campaign began slumping (see: isiana, Lou). But hey, it’s probably the first time he’s said that inside a fire hall. So that’s something. 

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