Ah, The Good Old Days, When Newsweek Made Millions Lying And Stealing Stuff

A former Newsweek staffer, Alex Beam, reminisces about the good old days–when the mainstream media outlet ruled the world:

The entire, nutty journalism model had been lifted wholesale from Henry Luce & Co. over at Time…

[I]n addition to pouring vodka [for the editor,] I checked facts, a process that left me bleakly cynical about journalistic accuracy. We would publish whole stories that were lies — Francois Mitterrand’s plan to destroy the French economy was a recurring theme — but at least the names were spelled correctly…

The weekly magazine pace was languid. In New York, nobody did any serious work before Thursday…

We poached material constantly, from newspapers, from other publications — even from Time. Copying from Time was a fact-checker’s dream, because we knew they took accuracy very seriously over there. It is true that a first-year reporter at the Cape Cod Times knew 20 times as much about journalism as I did then, but what the heck: I wanted to work at Newsweek.

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