NEWSFLASH: You Will Never Get Really Rich Working For Someone Else

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Inc.’s Jeff Haden recently published an article, How the Rich Got Rich, and examined an annual IRS report, 400 Individual Tax Returns Reporting The Largest Adjusted Gross Incomes.According to the IRS report, here’s how the top 400 made their fortunes (their average earnings in 2009 were $202.4 million):

  • Wages and salaries:  8.6%
  • Interest: 6.6%
  • Dividends: 13%
  • Partnerships and corporations:  19.9%
  • Capital gains: 45.8%

He also notes, “The top 400 averaged $92.6 million in capital gains income–16% of the total capital gains reported by all taxpayers.” From that, Haden concludes:

  • Working for a salary won’t make you rich.
  • Neither will making only safe “income” investments.
  • Neither will investing only in large companies.
  • Owning a business or businesses, whether in part or partnership, could build a solid wealth foundation

The bottom line? You won’t get rich without taking risks, and you probably won’t become obscenely wealthy working for anyone besides yourself.

Yes, there are exceptions.

Here’s the full article and Haden’s analysis.

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