NEWS WARS: Now Russian Journalists Are Attacking Each Other Over Putin

Andrew Ryvkin

A writer for the Russian edition of GQ magazine said he was assaulted on Tverskaya Ulitsa in central Moscow on Tuesday by journalist Sergei Minayev and blogger Eduard Bagirov.

Andrew Ryvkin, who joined the staff of GQ as a political columnist last month, said on Twitter that he was called Tuesday by someone who introduced himself as a reporter from news agency Interfax.

On his way to the Interfax office, Minayev and Bagirov grabbed him on the street and proceeded to hit him in the face, Ryvkin said.

After Minayev and Bagirov had ceased hitting him, they said they would “beat him to death” next time, Ryvkin told

Ryvkin wrote on Twitter that he suspected the incident was political, noting Bagirov’s role as an official representative of president-electVladimir Putinduring Putin’s campaign and Minayev’s activity in PresidentDmitry Medvedev‘s so-called “Big Government” project.

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This post originally appeared at The Moscow Times.

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