12 stunning photos from this week's news

  • This week’s news included stunning shots capturing moments from the campaign trail, political unrest, power blackouts in Venezuela, and students skipping school to protest climate change inaction.
  • Amid activism, accidents, and tragedy, the news went far beyond just headlines.
  • Here are the best photos from this week’s news.

This week’s news included stunning shots from struggles in Venezuela, students skipping school to protest climate change inaction, and fiery clashes along the streets of Paris between protesters and police.

After the week began with a college admissions scandal that rocked elite universities and two notable Hollywood actresses, thousands mourned across the world after a mass shooting claimed 50 lives of men, women, and children from mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

See the most stunning pictures from this week’s news:

Actress Felicity Huffman appeared in court after a federal investigation revealed that she paid $US15,000 in bribes for her daughter to get into college. Huffman was among 50 defendants who falsified test scores and profiles for their children’s applications to elite schools such as Stanford and Georgetown.

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Felicity Huffman and others allegedly disguised bribes to help their children get into colleges as charitable donations for disadvantaged youth

People keep sharing an old Felicity Huffman tweet about school ‘hacks’ after she was charged in the college admissions scandal

8 colleges were named in the massive college-admissions scandal. Here’s how they’re responding.

What will actually happen to the powerful millionaires ensnared in the college admissions scandal

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido rallied his supporters after a horrific few weeks in Venezuela as President Nicolas Maduro continued to refuse to step down.

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‘Do not travel’: The US government is warning Americans that if they fly to Venezuela they could be at risk of homicide or arbitrary arrest

Here are the shadowy armed groups that are keeping Nicolas Maduro in power in Venezuela

While the two politicians are still locked in a power struggle, Venezuelan people faced a week-long power blackouts and contaminated water that agencies have been slow to resolve.

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People in Venezuela are sharing videos of taps running with black water after a crippling 1-week power outage

All eyes were on a vote that delivered a delay to Brexit beyond March 29, extending Prime Minister Theresa May’s struggle to get her deal through the House of Commons.

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MPs vote to delay Brexit

Companies are fleeing the UK no matter what happens with Brexit. Here’s all the damage that’s already been done

Former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke made a splash on the campaign trail with multiple stops that saw him surrounded by supporters but also landed him in controversy over comments about “sometimes” contributing to raising his family.

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Beto O’Rourke is already catching heat for saying his wife does most of the work raising their 3 kids

‘I have to take ownership of my words’: Beto O’Rourke apologizes for teen writings, rhetoric towards wife

Mourners continued to gather at the site of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 plane crash that killed all 157 of its passengers last week.

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People of 35 different nationalities were killed in the Ethiopian Airlines crash, including 8 Americans

Thousands mourned when two men opened fire on a public elementary and middle school and killed at least eight people near Brazil’s São Paulo.

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At least 8 dead, including 5 students, in Brazil school shooting just outside São Paulo

Hudson Yards, a $US25 billion urban complex on Manhattan’s west side opened, marking the city’s most ambitious development since the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.

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We climbed Vessel, the $US200 million art installation at New York’s Hudson Yards.

Hudson Yards is the most expensive real-estate development in US history. Here’s what it’s like inside the $US25 billion neighbourhood.

Firefighters are warning that lives could be at risk in New York’s $US25 billion megadevelopment

Students took to the streets across Europe and the world to demand lawmakers’ attention on policies to address climate change.

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12 signs we’re in the middle of a 6th mass extinction

‘Worse than Voldemort’: Photos show students around the world skipping school to protest climate change inaction

The streets of London, Copenhagen, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, and Lisbon were packed with students who were part of a movement that was inspired by 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who began protesting outside her parliament on school days in August, 2018.

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European kids have been cutting class for months to send a message to politicians about climate change

Protesters in France’s “yellow vest” movement gathered for the 18th straight weekend of demonstrations with renewed pressure on lawmakers, which devolved into fiery and violent clashes along the city’s main avenues.

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Who are the ‘Yellow Vests’ protesting across France and rioting in Paris, and what do they want from Macron?

The 18th weekend of yellow vest protests in Paris erupted into a fiery clash

Mourners gathered in Christchurch, New Zealand, after a mass shooting at two nearby mosques left 50 men, women, and children dead.

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This timeline of the Christchurch mosque terror attacks shows how New Zealand’s deadliest shooting unfolded, leaving 50 dead

The New Zealand shooting is now among the deadliest massacres in recent world history

‘I can tell you right now, our gun laws will change’: New Zealand prime minister calls for change after deadliest mass shooting in the country’s history

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