News stations around the world are being trolled by The Simpsons fans who are giving fake tip-offs

Screenshot. Photo: dangrabat/ YouTube.

News organisations around the world are being duped by The Simpsons fans.

Fans are taking to Facebook to alert television stations of potential stories such as a “revolutionary car” in the neighbourhood, an RV hanging off the side of a cliff as well as an armed home invasion.

But instead of sending in footage, photos as well as a contact number, the trolls have been duping producers with screenshots from The Simpsons depicting the scene.

It initially started with 7 News but has since expanded to other news sites in Australia including Nine News and the Herald Sun.

Here’s a look at some of the fake tip-offs which have been posted on Four Finger Discount, a Facebook group for fans of the show:

Photo: Andrew Schwebel/ Four Finger Discount.
Photo: Ben Litho/ Four Finger Discount.
Photo: Mitchell Tronc/ Four Finger Discount.

7 News has since asked for the pranks to be stopped and has even responded with screenshots of The Simpsons to the trolls.

In one message, the network wrote back saying “if this is another Simpson’s photo then we’d extremely appreciate you didn’t send anything else, we get this a lot now and it is wasting our admins time”.

Despite this, the trend seems to have caught on with other newsrooms around the world including WPBF 25 News, a television station for South Florida, Denver7 in Colorado, as well as in New Zealand.

Photo: David Lim/ Four Finger Discount.
Photo: Dallas Williams/ Four Finger Discount.
Photo: Jackirra Kaye-Jean Braico/ Four Finger Discount.

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