News Sites Tally Ridiculous Election Traffic

Metrics firm Nielsen says that during the week leading up to Tuesday’s elections, traffic to its entire online news category jumped 27%. Pageviews doubled and time spent on the sites soared 61%.  AdWeek broke it down by site:

CNN reached 12.9 million unique users on Nov. 4, an increase of 51 per cent versus the previous Tuesday, when interest in the election was already high. Meanwhile, MSNBC’s digital audience more than doubled week-to-week, hitting 12.1 million uniques on Election Day.

Yahoo News’ audience climbed to 11.4 million users on Tuesday, an increase of 50 per cent compared to Oct. 28. And the surging — which has seen its Web audience grow considerably during this presidential campaign season — reached 5.7 million uniques, up 46 per cent versus one-week prior. exhibited the highest week-over-week growth, as its user base soared by 113 per cent to 2.3 million uniques.

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