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Amazon unveiled Kindle, its $399 electronic book reader. And after playing with it for all of a few minutes, we feel safe in proclaiming that the Kindle does a fine job at doing what it’s supposed to do. We think. 11:39 AM
LIVE Amazon Kindle Unveiling
Why Amazon’s Kindle Is No iPod

eBay is rumoured to be selling Skype and Google might be the buyer. We think Yahoo would be a better fit, but Skype would boost Google’s communications offering tremendously, so we can imagine why Google’s at the table. 10:47 AM

Pioneer Electronics is testing a new Web TV service called SyncTV. Consumers pay $2 – $3 per month per channel for unlimited downloading and streaming of shows to PCs, Macs, portable devices that are not iPods, and, yes, someday, TVs. 10:29 AM

The Washington Post’s newspaper business will fall into the red sooner than later with only $9 million of operating income — barely break-even. What will follow then, presumably, is what we eventually expect to see at most newspaper companies: major cost cutting (read: firings) and restructuring. 10:24 AM
WashPost Q3: Education Solid, Newspapers Bad, Online Weak
Running the Numbers: Why Newspapers Are Screwed

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