CNN's Jake Tapper gave a one-word response to a top Trump adviser's attack on journalists

Jake tapperScreenshot via CNNCNN anchor Jake Tapper

CNN anchor Jake Tapper had a terse response to President Donald Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon, who insisted that the news media should “keep its mouth shut” about the new president.

“No,” Tapper said in the opening of his show, “The Lead” on Thursday.

Bannon, who ran the far-right website, Breitbart, before joining Trump’s presidential campaign last August, unloaded on journalists in an interview with The New York Times, referring to journalists as the “opposition party.”

Bannon’s accusations echo Trump’s own remarks about the press. During an address to the CIA on Saturday, the president said “I have a running war with the media.”

Tapper has been one of several news personalities challenging the president and his surrogates, amid competing and sometimes contradictory narratives between the Trump administration and the reporters who cover it.

Watch Tapper’s remarks below:

.@jaketapper: Reminder that the president’s top aide just told NYT that the press should keep its mouth shut. No.
— The Lead CNN (@TheLeadCNN) January 26, 2017

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