News Gets Worse For Investors Who Got The Combination Suicide-Ponzi Email

News has just gotten worse for the unlucky investors who a few months ago, received an email from their hedge fund manager in which he confessed that he had lost nearly all of their money and told them that he planned to commit suicide.

A few months ago, each of his clients received an email from the (alleged) scamming hedge fund manager, Michael Mueller.

In his emails, titled, “thank you and sorry,” Mueller estimated that the fund still had about $15 million of the $145 million it was supposed to have. Hopeless, he wrote that he planned to commit suicide by jumping off a parking structure.

“The confusion has finally won its battle with me, and I feel like there are no good options left,” Mueller wrote in an e-mail April 22. “I always thought I could make it back, but that’s not going to happen.”

In an attempt to save his life and recoup some of their money, investors who received the emails quickly told the police, who were able to save Mueller.

But today, when Mueller was arrested, his fund’s investors found out that Mueller has only held onto about $9.5 million, not the $15 million he originally estimated.

An excerpt from another one of the emails says, “Nobody had any idea what was happening…Nobody except myself had any access to the statements.”

Despite his admitting wrong-doing in emails to his clients, and having his life saved by them, it’s still unknown whether Mueller plans to turn himself in or commit suicide, says a Canadian Business paper.

His lawyer says only, “He’s been cooperating. We understand that there will be criminal charges.”

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