News Corp. Newsrooms Worldwide To Share Content Through New Service

News Corp. (NWS) is launching a global service to make its news content available to its entire network of TV, print and online news outlets across the world, Guardian UK reports.

The service, called NewsCore, will scan News Corp.’s story queues, satellite feeds, and Web sites, and make the content available in real-time to the company’s newsrooms worldwide. The company first announced the project in April.

Guardian: “When Sky News reports that Gordon Brown has called an election, everyone in the NWS family can run with it. When TG24 learns that Vesuvius has blown its top again, everyone in NewsCorp will have it. Immediately. And from a source we can trust – us,” said an internal briefing obtained by

NewsCore will distribute text, video, audio and citizen journalism around the world in real time.

No word on when the service will launch.

The internal newswire, NewsCore, is also good way to consolidate resources and save costs.

Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch believes that his company can charge for more than just  Certainly the idea is more plausible now that any News Corp. Web site can run Wall Street Journal content.

Image: Dick

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