News Corp: We Love Democrats!


News Corp. has bumped up Gary Ginsberg, its top public relations/investor relations guy: He is now also heading up the company’s global marketing group, and has been appointed to something called the “Office of Chairman.” Of note: Ginsbserg is a former high-level official in the (Bill) Clinton administration, where he was a former assistant counsel to the President. News Corp. COO Peter Chernin, meanwhile, has always been an active Democratic supporter — in May he hosted a Hillary fundraiser at his house. So is Rupert Murdoch suddenly tilting left?

Not really. Press accounts that describe Murdoch as died-in-the-wool Republican always missed the point; Murdoch is savvy player who’s most interested in working with whomever’s in power, or seems like they will be soon. So if you’re handicapping the 2008 presidential election, you can factor this into the equation: Rupe’s betting on Hillary. Release