News Corp. On WSJ Shakeup: 'Nothing To See Here'

Just in case anyone thought WSJ managing editor Marcus Brauchi’s departure is about Rupert Murdoch interfering in the newsroom, Dow Jones’ special committee (the one set up to defend the newsroom from Murdoch), is on the case.

In his memo to staff, Brauchli wrote “now that the ownership transition has taken place, I have come to believe the new owners should have a managing editor of their choosing.”

But Brauchli said he’d informed the special committee earlier in the week about his decision, and they see nothing untoward with it:

The Special Committee was informed earlier this week about Marcus Brauchli’s decision to resign as managing editor of the Wall Street Journal. The committee questioned him about this decision. He said that his departure from the position was amicable and assured the committee that his decision had nothing to do with any integrity issue at the Journal. He said that he has confidence in News Corporation’s respect for the editorial integrity of the Journal. The committee will exercise its responsibility in connection with the selection of a successor.

Better set up another special committee: Murdoch’s News Corp. (NWS) has reportedly reached a tentative deal to buy Newsday from the beleagured Tribune Company, taken private in December by real estate mogul Sam Zell.

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