News Corp (NWS): Launching An Ad Network, Too

News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media unit is one of the few big Web players that has yet to roll out its own ad network (selling space on third-party sites). That’s about to change, sources tell us: FIM is building out it own ad network, designed to sell inventory across its MySpace, IGN and Photobucket properties. More interestingly, FIM is also pitching the idea to other NWS Web properties, like the NY Post. The internal ad network, we understand, should be ready in the first half of 2008 and there are discussions about selling outside of News Corp. properties as well.

Easy enough to pooh-pooh the move as me-too. As Saul Hansell points out, ad networks now strike everyone as a sure-fire winner, even though only a few are likely to co-exist with Google in a few years. But FIM’s MySpace property alone gives the network-to-be a shot.  And if/when it can be combined with Rupert Murdoch’s other Web properties — most intriguingly, of course, the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones — it could be a home run.

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