News Corp. Is Freaking Out About The Phone-Hacking Scandal

rupert murdoch news corpNews Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch.

“You don’t get it,” a member of News Corporation’s inner circle in London told me last night, about the phone hacking scandal. “If there was a conspiracy in the company, the conspiracy was to keep Rupert from knowing.”

That is called the circle-the-wagons defence. That’s called everybody-else-is-expendable. That’s called a total freak-out.

The company has been caught as unaware, as unprepared, as incapable of responding, as on the ropes, as it ever has in its 60-year history. News Corp. only knows how to be the aggressor; now it’s on the defensive—and it has to defend itself against the very thing that it has always been, that has always protected it, that is the reason for its fundamental pride: Its newsrooms are down and dirty.Read the rest at Newser >>

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