News Corp is closing mX, its afternoon paper, saying smartphones have replaced it

News Corp is killing off its afternoon newspaper, mX, 14 years after it first launched in Melbourne in 2001. It was followed by a Sydney edition in 2005 and Brisbane in 2007.

News directly attributes the closure to commuters using smartphones when travelling to and from work.

A News spokesman said:

News confirms the closure of mX in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The decision is a reflection of the changing reading habits of commuters who now turn to their mobile phones and tablets on their way to and from work.

News will continue to invest in our extensive suite of print and digital products, which are purchased and read by millions of Australians every day.

The free paper, which describes itself as “cheeky, funny, witty and informative” is handed out free to public transport users and claims a readership of 557,000.

Business Insider understands there will be a number of redundancies associated with the closure, though it is unclear just how many.

The paper had also been promoting itself as an app and the printed format underwent a redesign earlier this year.

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