Thieving Coin Collector Accused Of Trying To Kill A Judge

Sniper Fail


A man sentenced to 15 years behind bars for selling fake collectible coins to the elderly might soon have a new crime to add to his rap sheet.Joseph Romano and his associate Dejvid Mirkovic are suspected of trying to hire hit men to kill the judge and prosecutor in Romano’s fraudulent coin collecting case, The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog reported Tuesday.

Too bad those potential assassins turned out to be undercover cops.

Despite that small glitch, Romano’s alleged plan was pretty detailed.

He and Mirkovic allegedly offered the cops $40,000 for the hit, but only after they proved their value by assaulting another one of Romano’s enemies.

The cops gave Romano proof the assault, which was staged, had been carried out and were paid $3,000 before accepting the murder-for-hire job, according to Law Blog.

Authorities wouldn’t release the names of the judge and prosecutor targeted by Romano. But, according to Law Blog, U.S. District Court Judge Joseph Bianco handled Romano’s first case.

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