New Zealand's North Island is being rocked by earthquakes

Destroyed bulidings and shops on Colombo Street wait to be demolished ahead of the one year Christchurch earthquake anniversary on February 21, 2012 in Christchurch, New Zealand. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch, the South Island’s largest city, on February 22, 2011 killing 185 people and severely damaging the city and surrounding suburbs. Photo: Martin Hunter/ Getty Images.

A second “strong” earthquake has struck the lower North Island.

At 7.55am, the 5.2 magnitude quake struck at a depth of 35 kilometres, 10km west of Masterton, according to Geonet.

It followed a “moderate” earthquake which woke people in the region around 7.15am.

That 4.7 magnitude quake struck at a depth of 28km, 20km west of Masterton, according to Geonet.

A weaker 2.9 quake struck 15km west of Masterton at 8.24am.

The Fire Service in Wellington said there were no quake-related callouts. Wellington City Council also said no quake-related issues had been reported.

The quakes were centered just a few kilometres from the water supplies for both Masterton and Carterton.


Carterton District Council operations manager Garry Baker said they felt quite a jolt in their offices in town.

“She was a rippa. It sort of started and then went again – it was quite a good one,” he said.

He immediately checked with staff to see if critical infrastructure such as the water reservoirs were damaged.

“I checked our telemetry straight away just to make sure that our reservoirs levels stayed the same height.

“I’ve got my operators physically looking around all our reservoirs just to make sure we’ve got no leaks or anything, but at this stage we’ve got no drop offs in levels so that is the main thing.”

Masterton District Council spokesman Sam Rossiter-Stead said there were no reports of damage. The Masterton water supply is located 7km west of Masterton, approximately 10km from the 5.2 earthquake epicentre.


On Wednesday night, a 4.7 magnitude “strong” quake rattled Christchurch.

It struck 10km southeast of the city, in the Port Hills, at 8.45pm.

Geonet reported the quake struck at a depth of 7km. It was described as “strong”.

More than 2500 people from as far away as Dunedin and Wellington had reported feeling the shake within 20 minutes.

There was also a 5.2 magnitude quake in the Bay of Plenty overnight. It struck at a depth of 88km, 10km west of Murupara.


Geonet duty seismologist Caroline Little said there was no link between the quakes in Christchurch, the Bay of Plenty and Masterton.

She said the two Masterton quakes were practically on top of each other and the region experienced flurry of smaller shakes in recent weeks.

In the past four weeks there were more than 150 smaller earthquakes in the Masterton region, she said.

“The two in Masterton are very close together. They are linked.

“The one in Canterbury and the one very deep [in the Bay of Plenty], they’re not linked.

“We”ve had quite a few little quakes around that area. The [Masterton] quakes were right on top of each other. We’ve had 156 quakes in that area in the last month. It doesn’t happen all the time but it’s a pretty active area so having this spate is not uncommon.”

So far in 2016, Geonet recorded 14 quakes larger than magnitude 5.

Of those, seven quakes were on land and the largest was 5.7 in Christchurch on Valentine’s Day.

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