New Zealanders are freaking out after Milo changed its formula

New Zealanders have revolted against the new taste of Milo.

It’s marvellous what a difference a recipe change makes… Milo in New Zealand changed its formula – to make the chocolate drink more healthy for kids, it says – and Kiwis are not happy.

The Nestle-owned brand, which started in Australia 81 years ago, has copped a hammering on social media, and a blind tasting of the new version, organised by, had people saying it “tastes like socks” and “undercurrents of swamp”.

Before Australians start losing it too, it’s ok, the changes only happened in All Black land, where vanilla was part of the formula and removed in the change.

Surprisingly, the “healthier” version, which the company says resulted in “a slight shift in flavour”, now contains more sugar and around 30% more calories. The vitamin mix has also been altered – in both Australia and New Zealand – and the palm oil, a controversial product, is now sourced from sustainable plantations.

But the backlash isn’t about too much sugar or orangutan habits. New Zealanders simply hate the taste and have bombarded the Milo Facebook page with complaints, threatening never to buy the product again.

A Facebook page, “Change Milo back“, has already attracted nearly 7000 likes in 48 hours, but Nestle says it won’t be backing down on the changes.

But apologising for the change in the comments section of Milo’s Facebook page is now a full time job.

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