New Zealand is upset it's being left off maps, so it's enlisted the Prime Minister for a new tourism campaign

suppliedMiffed as bro… NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the tourism campaign

There’s a conspiracy theory doing the rounds in New Zealand that Australia is stealing its tourists, the English are trying to wipe out the All Blacks and the French envy Kiwi wines.

And that’s why New Zealand keeps getting left off maps of the world.

There’s even a website pointing out all the places where the two islands that gave the world Lord of the Rings films, Crowded House and bungee jumping have been ignored –

And they have good reason to be miffed, since the culprits range from Getty’s stock photo library to a souvenir globe at the Smithsonian Museum, board games, and New York’s Central Park Zoo.

Then there was this infamous scene in Star Trek: First Contact:

Star Trek; First Contact

Ouch. Something really bad happens to NZ over the next 45 years that suggests Peter Thiel and the rest of his Silicon Valley mates are wasting their time building survival shelters down there.

So New Zealand Tourism has come up with a clever marketing campaign to draw global attention to problem with the the hashtag #getNZonthemap.

LA-based Rhys Darby, the Kiwi actor and comedian best known as Murray, the hapless band manager in Flight of the Conchords, stars with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the cheeky campaign.

The premise has the comedian ringing Ardern — and calling her “your majesty” after discovering the problem. He even takes a clever dig at one of Australia’s most famous tourism campaigns when looking at a map and asking “New Zealand, where the bloody hell are you?”

In discussions with the PM, Darby suggests the problem could be that the Land of the Long White Cloud looks a bit like a half-eaten lamb chop.

But as New Zealand tourism points out in releasing the campaign:

For a country that’s bigger in land area than the UK, and more than two-thirds the size of either Japan or Germany – a landmass that includes a lake around the same size as Singapore, has a mountain chain that’s bigger than the entire European Alps and more coastline than California, Alaska and Florida all rolled up together it’s unfathomable New Zealand has been accidentally missed off.

Here’s the clip:

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