'I wish I could've done more': A woman describes what it was like trying to help the victims of the New Zealand mosque shooting

(AP Photo/Mark Baker)People outside a mosque in the wake of a mass shooting in central Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday.

A woman who said she helped save the life of a shooting victim at the Christchurch mosque massacre in New Zealand said she wishes she “could have done more.”

The woman, who Bloomberg News identified only as Jill, described recognising that a shooting was under way when she saw people running and a bullet whizzed over her car. She said she pulled a victim who was shot in the back into her car and helping stabilise him. Another person saw what happened and brought a first aid kit, then helped her put pressure on the wound until he received professional help.

Jill described the harrowing moments the man tried to call his wife while he was still in the back of the car, lying there as Jill and the other man tried to stanch the bleeding.

She ultimately spoke to his wife herself.

“The guy I was compressing, he was trying to ring his wife,” Jill told Bloomberg News. “I managed to get it and I answered the phone. And I said to her, ‘Your husband’s been shot outside the mosque.'”

She told his wife to wait for him at the hospital.

“I said, ‘Don’t come here to Dean’s Ave, you won’t get through. But please get to the hospital and get to him,”” she said. “And I kept talking to him and telling him that she was at the hospital waiting and he wasn’t to give up. And yeah, we just kept pressure on until we got him some help.”

New Zealand police have released little information about the suspect and his capture. They described the gunman only as a 28-year-old man who has been charged with murder. They added that he’s set to appear in court Saturday morning. Police also arrested three other people in connection with the massacre, including two men and one woman. Two of those people were armed at the scene of the shooting, but one of them was likely “not related” to the attack, authorities said.

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As Jill helped the man in her car, she told Bloomberg News, there was another man across the road who they weren’t able to help. He died before emergency services could reach them, she said.

“I’m 66. I never thought in my life I’d have to see something like this,” she said. “Not in New Zealand.”

When the Bloomberg News reporter called Jill a hero, she shrugged off the praise.

“You just do what you do at the time,” she said. “I wish I could have done more.”

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