New Zealand is asking the public to design its new flag -- and the results are crazy

Some New Zealanders aren’t happy with their flag.

The debate over the national flag kicked off last week after the government asked the public to come up with a new flag which captures what New Zealand means to them.

The current flag — featuring the British Union Jack — was adopted in 1902 and is often confused with the Australian flag.

The estimated cost for changing the flag will be $25.7 million including two postal referendums where the public will first choose their preferred alternative design before deciding if it should replace the current flag.

So far, the submissions have been both weird and wonderful — while some have gone for the traditional “koru” fern or southern cross constellation, others have been getting creative with smiley sheep and happy kiwis.

Here are some of our favourites below.

1. Te Pepe by David Astil

That feel when our eyes gaze upon the flightless and majestic rare-Kiwi bird is a classic icon of NZ's deep relationship with our ancestors, their spirit, land and culture. Te Pepe Tamariki, Te Papa Aotearoa.

2. Southern Kiwi by Aku A.

Bird accualy is kiwi. Is well known icon of our country and people. Also stars are southern cross and blue is pacific ocean. Where we're from and how we got here.

3. Good flag by James Ireland

Animals, nature, blah, blah, blah.

4. Sheep and Hokey Pokey by Jesse Gibbs

This design represents all of NZ because we have lots of sheep and love hokey pokey ice cream. I even included the blue and red to keep all of you naysayers happy. Kiwi as bro.

5. Snapper Quota Unicorn by Charlotte Drene

New Zealanders are very interested in Snapper quota, and what better way to bring it to the people than this country's native bird - the Unihorned Kiwi bird.

6. Fire the Lazar by James Gray from Auckland

The laser beam projects a powerful image of New Zealand. I believe my design is so powerful it does not need to be discussed.

7. Fush & Chups by Angela Inglis

The yellow motif represents the golden sun, and the golden chips of this fair land. It's our British heritage, filling our hearts with pride and our tummy's with Kai. The Fish (Ika) represents the main source of food for Maori (after all the moa's had been scoffed up and before the settlers arrived). We haven't battered the fish so this flag is safe for all the gluten free people too.

8. Happy Kwi by Davy Lee

Because it portrays that we are a nation of happy, harmless kwis.

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