The 10 Most Popular Baby Names In New York City

Bloomberg Baby High Five


At a press conference in City Hall yesterday, New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg was joined by three babies to announce 2011’s most popular newborn names in the Big Apple.

Turns out New Yorkers are in a baby naming rut—Isabella and Jayden continued their reign as the most popular NYC baby names for the third year in a row.

For the girls, nine of the top 10 names were holdovers from 2010, with Sarah dropping to number 11 after being outpaced by Sofia with an ‘f’. Esther was the No. 1 name for white baby girls, Madison for black girls, and Sophia for Asian girls, while Hispanic baby girls were most likely to be named Isabella.Jacob took 2nd place for the boys, followed by Ethan, Daniel, Michael, Matthew, Justin, David, Aiden, and Alexander. “I am glad to see, from a personal basis, that Michael—a fine name—moved up a couple of notches,” joked Bloomberg. There were more than 800 Jaydens born, and it was the most popular name for blacks and Hispanics. Michael topped the list for white boys and Ethan for Asian boys.

Incidentally, the two runner ups Sophia and Jacob were the top baby names nationwide in 2011.

Brooklyn saw the most babies born last year with 41,303 births. Queens came in second with 26,876 births, followed by 20,465 newborns in the Bronx, 19,323 in Manhattan, and 5,519 on Staten Island. The total number of the city’s newest New Yorkers declined 1.4%, with 123,029 babies born last year compared to 2010’s 124,791.

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