The 8 Best Sandwiches In New York City

parm nyc

Photo: Parm

There’s a ton of competition in the world of New York City sandwiches, and the release of our 2013 Restaurants survey saw a lot of movement on the best-of list.Last year’s winner was displaced by two shops in Queens, and a red-sauce Italian joint made its debut on the lineup with its old-school creations.

Click through the slide show to see the city’s eight best sandwich spots, and compare the selection to last year’s list here.

With all these tasty options, we think we’re feeling a sandwich for at least three meals a day.

#8: Meatball Shop

#7: Bouchon Bakery

#6: Parm

#5: Porchetta

#4: Ino

#3: Num Pang

#2: Leo's Lattacini

#1: Il Bambino

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